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Made in Italy
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High Quality Tissue& Soap Dispensers
Made in Malaysia
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Quality Cleaning Products
Made in Italy
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Premium Professional Knives
Made in Brazil
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Leading Cleaning Equipment Suppliers in Dubai, UAE


Discover a wide range of cleaning products to keep your home clean and tidy. Simple to use and easy cleanup, find a variety of products at low everyday prices for your laundry, bathroom, kitchen, baby care and more

Cleaning Machinery

Our cleaning machinery is an advanced wheeled system that can clean several properties at once.


Explore wide varieties of dustbins. Get High Quality Plastic Dustbins, Stainless Steel Dustbins, and more

Mop Trolleys

Clean your way with the Janitorial Trolley. We have a Wide Range of Mop Trolley and Janitorial Trolleys.


Wide Range of PP, Coco, and Outdoor Brooms. Sourced From Italy, Sri Lanka and China


Say goodbye to streaky windows and mirrors with these hardwood-handled squeegees! Explore quality squeegees.


We have mops for every job. Variety of Cotton, Rayon, Viscose, Acrylic and Microfiber mops suited for all your needs

Cleaning Accessories

All types of Cleaning accessories such as Static Duster, Toilet Pump, Spray Bottle, and many more

Household Products

Need Clothes Hangers, Personal Care Products, Storage Jars, Bath products, we got you covered.


From Kitchen Knives to Kitchen Towels, we have a wide range of everyday Kitchenware Products

We want to be your first choice for cleaning equipment!

The Leading Suppliers for Cleaning Equipment and Machineries

Established in 1984, we are one of the oldest and leading supplier of Cleaning Equipment, Cleaning Machinery, Janitorial products, Kitchenware and Household Products. Our Brand “Moonlight” is well known and trusted by reputed companies such as MBM, POWER Group, ACCURO and many more.

Why you need to buy cleaning products Online from Us?

Experienced and Trusted Supplier of Cleaning Equipment - We are a well-established organization in the UAE with over 35 years of expertise. Major Corporations such as MBM, POWER Group, ACCURO and many more trust our brand "Moonlight" as a symbol of quality. Founded by Mr Kutbuddin Dama, in 1984, the company quickly grew as a leading Cleaning and Household equipment supplier under his visionary leadership. It is now run by his sons, who, with the same passion as Mr Dama, are taking the company to new heights.

Customer Service - We place a high value on customer service. We provide prompt and excellent Customer Service to meet all customer requirements, owing to a well-managed Fleet and an experienced Staff of over 40 personnel comprising Sales and Logistics. We believe in giving the best product possible to our consumers. As a result, we offer high-quality products that have been thoroughly studied and imported, from Italy, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, USA, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China.

Extensive Product Line - With an Inventory of more than 2500 products, you can rest assured that no matter what your cleaning needs are, we can meet them. Whether you are looking for Floor cleaning machinery or maybe you need a Replacement Mop Refill, we have got you covered. Our Product line is not limited to just cleaning products, we also offer an extensive range of Household products like Storage boxes, Hangers, Door Mats, etc., and also Kitchenware such as Professional Knives, Cooking Utensils, etc.

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